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Polishing Felt Wheels

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Set of Hard Felt Wheels

Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs

This set of felt wheels is perfect for charging with grit to sand and polish stones and glass. Each felt bur is a different shape and size, to give you a wide variety to choose from. These burs will help you polish and sand all of the hard to reach places! 

These hard felt wheels fit onto a 2.35mm shank, and can be used with the following hand-pieces:

- H.10 Quick Change Hand-Piece

- H.20 Quick Change Hand-Piece

- H.44 Collect Style Hand-Piece

- H.30 Chuck Style Hand-Piece

Set of 12 felt wheels.

How to Use?

This hard felt bob set is used for polishing. In order to polish with these you need to charge them with a polishing agent. For jewelry you can use tripoli, rouge, Fabulustre, and other compounds. For gemstones you can charge it with cerium oxide, diamond compound, or tin oxide slurry.

These go into a regular flex shaft or rotary tool. Low speeds works best for keeping the shape of the wheels. High speeds however will give the best polish.