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Kit de Dopping Gemstone

Preço original $12.25 - Preço original $24.65
Preço original
$12.25 - $24.65
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Cabochon Dopping Set

Fabricante: Abastecimento de ponta de corte

Availability: One week average lead time.

Dopping a gemstone is essential when you begin cabbing. Sometimes it takes a few tries before you get it down. However, having the right tools at hand when you start will make it way easier! Cutting Edge Supply has put together everything you will need in order to begin dopping your gemstones. Pick which set is going to work best for you! Aluminum dop sticks last forever and give great stability when you are cutting. 

Whats Included?

- 1 Stick of Green Dop Wax (1/4lb)

- Alcohol Lamp

- Aluminum or Wood Dop Sticks

(3pcs, 5pcs, and 10pcs available)