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Price Matching Policy

Through our ‘Price Match Policy’, Cutting Edge Supply is committed to providing the lowest prices on our extensive range of products.

This policy outlines how our store matches prices with competitors to provide you with the best value.

Should you find an identical stocked item for a lower price from a competitor, we will happily match the price, subject to the following terms and conditions.

We will price match the identical lower-priced item, provided that the competitor:

Is a registered USA business, as it:

- Has a USA business number; and

- Has been registered for Goods and Services Tax ("GST")

- Is not an unauthorized distributor that resells products that are ‘grey imports’. These are products acquired from internationally based distributors other than the manufacturer's locally licensed importer.


Our Price Match Policy applies to the following retailers in the USA: Covington Engineering, Diamond Pacific, East Wind, Estwing, EuroTool, Foredom, Hi-Tech Diamond, Inland, Lightning Laps, MK Diamond, Satellite City, Tumble Bee, Ultra Tec, Kingsley North, Johnson Brothers, Lapidary Mart, Rio Grande, AmeriTool.


Product Specifications and Availability


The lower-priced product from the competitor must:

a)  be of the exact same model and description; and

b)  be available for immediate purchase; and

c)  be in stock at the competitor’s store, or on their website; and

d)  include relevant GST and delivery charges in its price; and

e)  be available for retail quantities only and not bulk buy or commercial quantities


    Product Exclusions


    Even if the lower-priced identically stocked item matches the conditions above, we will not price match on:

      a) Sale, clearance, refurbished, display stock items or items sold as part of a bundle offer
    b)  Items that are part of a liquidation sale or limited stock offer
     c) Items offered by trade buyers, wholesalers, importers, warehouses, auctions and auction sites, duty-free, liquidation sales


      - A lower-priced item that is the result of a:

      a) pricing error, mistake or misprint by the competitor

      b) cash-back offer or voucher

      c) Items that fall below our cost price


      Proof of Competitor’s Price


      - Nature of Proof

      To be eligible for the policy, you must present proof of the competitor’s lower-priced item through any one of the following means:

      a)  A photograph or screenshot of the competitor’s quote or advertised price

      b)  Access to the product's live web page if the price was advertised online

      c)  A copy or any other official document from the competitor confirming the price and specifications of the lower-priced item


        - Product Verification

        We reserve the right to verify the lower-priced item's availability, price and specifications at the time of claiming by:

        a)  Calling the competitor

        b)  Visiting their website

        c)  Or through any other means as we see fit


          Honoring the Policy


          - Location

          The policy will be honoured if, subject to the conditions above, you present proof of the lower-priced item physically in-store or via:

          a)  Phone call

          b)  Email

          c)  Website inquiry

            - Timing

            The Price Match Policy will be honored by Cutting Edge Supply:

            a)  At the time of purchase

            Further Considerations


            The Price Match Policy cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale, deal or quote offered by Cutting Edge Supply.

            Cutting Edge Supply reserves the right to terminate or amend the Price Match Policy at any time without notice.