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Cutting Edge Supply works hard to keep our customers satisfied. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.


What if I recieved my order and an item was missing?

If you have received your order and believe that there is a product missing, there are a few things you can do.

1. Check the packing slip to see if it was supposed to be in that package!

2. Check your email for another tracking number or an email letting you know about back-orders.

3. Email or call us so that we can make sure everything is resolved. We will be happy to help!

The most common reason for this problem is that the item you are missing is on backorder or coming from another warehouse. (In both cases, the product will not be on the packing slip.) If the missing item is coming from another warehouse then another tracking number will have been sent to you. Make sure that we have not sent you any extra emails regarding an extra shipment.

You should know if one of your items are on backorder because it won't be on your packing slip. If one of your items are on backorder then we will be shipping it to you as soon as we can. Once the item is back in-stock then we will send you a tracking number and the rest of the information about when it is coming.

What do I do if I receive a faulty item in my order?

Cutting Edge Supply tries to inspect every product that we sell. However, if you happen to get an item that was damaged in the mail or not working like it is suppose to, please contact Cutting Edge Supply. To guarantee we can give you a full refund, do the following:

1. Do not use the item. (If you found it was defective when you began using it, stop immediately.)

2. Take a picture of the damaged box/goods. Text or email us those pictures.

3. Contact us within 30 days of delivery.

Will you refund the shipping charges on my parcel?

We do not refund your shipping charges if your item is delivered late. We try our absolute best to get your items shipped out as quickly as possible and we have NO CONTROL over the postal services. Once the box leaves our warehouse we do not guarantee a delivery date.

I didn't recieve a tracking number for my shipment?

If you did not receive a tracking number for your shipment then we are probably still processing your order. We will have it to you in no time! If you are wondering about the status or how long it might be until it ships, feel free to contact us by email or phone. We can supply you with the latest updates!

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

There are many reasons as to why your order could still be processing. Please understand that we are working very hard through this unstable time to get you your products quickly and safely. Due to Covid we are dealing with manufacturer delays, labor restrictions, and shipment obstructions. Feel free to contact us at any time to get your latest update. However, ordering from Cutting Edge Supply can give you a sense of calm because you can be assured we are doing everything we can.


What products can ship in 24hrs?

Cutting Edge Supply has a constantly growing warehouse, with over 800+ products at the start of February 2021. All the products that can ship within 24hrs are marked in their descriptions. Under the manufacturer you will see information about availability. C.E.S. keeps these availability's as up-to-date as possible. If you are in a rush or want an exact time, contact us.

What is the average product lead time?

The availability of products change and differ. If Cutting Edge Supply stocks the item then it will ship the same day you order it. These products will be marked in their descriptions.

If the item is a normal product that is stocked by one of our suppliers then it will usually ship within 1-10 days. For more exact info, check the products description. There you will find if it is usually stocked and how quickly it will ship.

If the item is "made-to-order" (usually larger items like Slab Saws or Flat-laps) then these can take 2-8 weeks to ship; depending on the manufacturer and size of machine. Please check the availability in the products description or call us to get the latest update.

What is the average postal rate?

Our shipping rates are calculated based on weight, size, and postal carrier. Cutting Edge Supply gets discounted postal rates to ensure you are spending the least amount possible on shipping. We can not give exact postal rates until you are ready to place an order.

Does Cutting Edge Supply warranty their products?

Cutting Edge Supply warranties many of the machines that they sell. Machines covered in Cutting Edge Supply's warranty are labeled in their description. Our warranty covers all machine malfunctions for 1-year. Check out warranty page for more details.

Other Questions

Do you offer free shipping?

Cutting Edge Supply does offer free shipping on select items. The list of items that ship free is growing every week! Get more and more of your favorite products without having to ever spend more money on shipping!

Why order from C.E.S. rather than the direct supplier?

Ordering from Cutting Edge Supply cuts out all of the hassle. We bring all of your favorite products to one place and more! Instead of ordering from 3 different companies, deal with just one. Once you place your order you don't have to stress any longer, we will have it covered from there. We will make sure the right companies get you the right products without you ever having to lift a finger. Plus, we stock over 600+ products that allow us to provide extremely fast shipping. This cuts out ever having to wait on multiple warehouses to get your items together.

Can I make an order over the phone?

Cutting Edge Supply is happy to answer all your questions about products and take an order over the phone. If you do not know exactly what you want, give us a call and let one of our experts give you advice as to what is going to work best for you. We can take debit/credit card over the phone. We do not keep credit/debit information on file. If you want to use PayPal then we will have to email you an invoice to complete your order.

Can Cutting Edge Supply do bulk orders?

Cutting Edge Supply can arrange for any size shipments or packages to be shipped around the world. No matter the quantity or size, we will be sure you get exactly what you need. Contact us if you have a bulk order or special request. We do offer bulk pricing on many of our products.


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